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We are a sustainability management firm designed to assist organizations develop sustainable business operations. We provide expert knowledge, tools, technologies and staff to help clients reduce the volume, cost and impact of business waste, achieving social ("People"), environmental ("Planet") and economic ("Profit") benefits.

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Waste Data Analysis

Confused character viewing scattered puzzle pieces You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Achieving sustainable operations requires knowing the types, volumes and total cost of the waste you generate. You must capture and analyze total waste volume and cost to evaluate environmental impact and create a benchmark to measure future performance.

waste2zero captures waste metrics by performing a Baseline Diagnostic Analysis, a comprehensive audit analyzing facility operations and all costs related to waste. The Analysis identifies opportunities to reduce waste volume and disposal cost, increase recycling and landfill diversion, improve facility compliance and safety, while reducing environmental impact.

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Waste Program Development

Group of characters connecting puzzle pieces Achieving sustainable operations requires a program aligning environmental strategy with the organization’s Mission and culture. The program defines your objectives, goals and process, tracks data, measures performance and trains staff to minimize cost and environmental impact.

waste2zero designs and implements ISO 14001 compliant Environmental Management Systems (EMS) as a framework to help each Client achieve sustainable operations. Our EMS delivers a strategic plan, scope of project, priority list of objectives, training requirements, implementation timeline, internal communication strategy, scheduled audits, program maintenance and performance review reports.

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Selecting Business Solutions

Green computer key labeled solutions Sustainability is not a core competency of most businesses. Achieving sustainable operations requires sourcing the most effective business solutions available in the market, including consultants, technology and service providers.

waste2zero develops sustainable Client operations via the transfer of knowledge, tools and technology. We are waste industry experts capable of helping your organization identify the best available solutions to reduce waste, cost and environmental impact. As your advocate we help select, contract and manage industry based waste vendors. We can work with any waste industry technologies or vendors selected to achieve your objectives.

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Green Staff Development

Group of characters watching a presentation You can’t develop sustainable operations without trained staff. Successful implementation of a sustainability program requires promoting employee awareness, assigning staff accountability and responsibility, developing employee training, redesigning operating process and implementing data collection analysis, reporting and review.

waste2zero helps Clients develop their human capital. In conjunction with GreenStaff Solutions, we provide Clients with a national network offering recruiting services for permanent positions, part timing staffing solutions and employee training to support sustainable operations. We implement your program using your staff or ours.